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Are there available cables for an LCD Monitor, Fujitsu brand that is pin type and not slot type?

The model of my Fujitsu monitor is VL-150X4G and I want to plug it into my desktop computer which allows only cable connectors that are pin type. My model has a slot type of cable for connecting to the CPU. Is it possible to change this cable with a pin type model. If so, where may I be able to secure one. Do I have to bring my monitor to the distributor to be able to be more clear with my query?

By "pin type" I assume you mean "male" and by "slot type" I assume you mean "female". If this is the case, you can buy a M/M gender changer. I'll link an example of a VGA changer. Basically you plug the female end into one side and the other side will be male. You can then plug the cord into the computer.

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