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How can I be become a famous rave dj like skrillex?

im into dubstep now. and i want to make my own music and be famous like skrillex. what i need to do to be known and what equipment i need to practice

I think Skrillex makes his music with Ableton Live music production software. See more about Ableton here:

Ableton is the most popular music production software for professional DJs and music producers. However, it costs a few bucks and has a rather steep learning curve. To produce music with Ableton, you will want a keyboard like the Novation SL MkII Keyboard Controller >>

DUBTurbo is another very popular music production software. It's easy to learn and is very affordable. Check out DUBTurbo here >>

For DJ Equipment for practicing and performance, I think that Skrillex uses a combination of DJ Controllers. See the best DJ Controllers here:

To create performances like Skrillex, you will want a DJ Controller with plenty of trigger pads like the Traktor Kontrol S4 >> , Traktor Kontrol S2 >> , or Novation Twitch >>

Both the Traktor Kontrol S2 and Novation Twitch are currently only $399 at Amazon but the deal on the S2 is supposed to end soon.

Ultimately, as Novation Twitch is also mappable to Ableton, if you just wanted to get started with one piece of hardware, I think it would be the best option.

Find Novation Twitch On eBay Below:

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