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Should I buy ipad 2 or itouch 4th generation?

I have just saved 700$ to get an ipad 2 32GB wi-fi only but then started to look at the itouch, because it is cheaper and more portable.Since the ipod touch 32GB is half the price of the ipad i want i think it might be a better deal.

Please list pros and cons if you can.

DO NOT recommend a tablet that is not made by apple!

I would go with ipad 2, go to apples website if you like and read about them. I read about ipad 2 and i'm hooked.
PROS: ipad 2: 1: Smart Cover! 2: 2 colour choices. 3: 10 hr battery life. 4: loads of specialized apps. 5: thinner, faster, better display, cameras. 6: A5 chip and facetime. 7: multitasking
PROS: ipod 4: 1: more portable. 2: A4 chip and facetime 3: retina display 4: cheaper

Cons: ipad 2: pricey, no retina display.
Cons: ipod 4: smaller, no colour choice, less apps, less battery, no multitasking.

I know it looks a bit like favouritism but ipad 2 was designed to be better!

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