1500 Professional

Good reliable bicycle?

I'm looking for a good reliable Bicycle that is made for mixed gravel-paved, to dirt and gravel road, I am. 16 year old 6'5 230 lbs and very healthy, I do not want a cheap 150$ Walmart bike, I don't want a 1500$ professional bike either, I am very smart with engines, and atvs. I work on them a lot an know how to work on bicycles and maintenance them. I'm looking to keep this bike for a good while and to put some miles on it because i like to ride my bike a mile to
My friends house and out here around in the country. I prefer a bike with gears. I don't want a cheap brand of bike. Can you give me any suggestions, I will consider ordering online. I plan on doing maintenance and upgrading my bike.

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You need the 22" extra-large frame size.

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