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Can anyone help me find an oscillating DC motor for a DIY CNC machine ? 3-4000 stroke/min, 0.5 - 1mm amplitude?

I am trying to build a CNC oscillating tangential knife cutter (see this link I am basing it on this DIY system. (
I need to know what motor to use for the oscillating action of the knife. Specs are 3000 - 4000 strokes/min. Stroke length between 0.5 - 1 mm. The Comagrav site says they are using a DC motor for their oscillating action. I was thinking of adapting a power wood chisel like this ( or this ( but the problem is those are pressure activated and use a cam action to translate a rotary motion to a reciprocating one.
If anyone can help me find this motor I would be most grateful and will definitely credit you on my build log.

Many thanks.

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"but the problem is those are pressure activated "
That is a problem but
"and use a cam action to translate a rotary motion to a reciprocating one"
this is what is meant by using a motor - if the device was producing a linear action it would not be a motor, certainly not at these strokes (linear motors used in location work are much slower), it would be a solenoid or an audio coil drive.
What you are looking for is a DC motor running at 3-4000 rpm with a cam mounted on it to give about 0.5 mm offset (1.0 mm travel) Then you have to mount the blade.
Perhaps you can bypass the pressure switch so the power chisel unit etc. is always on and turn it on and off at the plug.
Don't forget that you will have to rotate the blade - unlike a router, a blade cuts in only 1 or 2 directions and the cutting edge has to face the pattern line as it moves.

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