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Redphone helmet compatibility?

Hi, Im attempting to learn to snowboard this winter. I already bought all the necessary equipment minus the board bindings and boots which I won't get until I know i enjoy the sport. My question is due to the fact that i will be falling a lot to start, I rather listen to music to calm myself through the frustration.I want to get the RED premium dj headphones which is compatible with my helmet but I noticed that the headphones only have one wire, so when i detach the drivers and put them in my helmet will only one speaker work? please explain

Most headphones have a wire that connects the left and right earpieces together. There is a jack on one of the earpieces where you plug the cord to your music player. You get stereo sound.

Even though I have headphones built in to my helmet, I don't use them very often. If you ski with a friend, then you want to hear them talk. If you are on a crowded slope, you need to hear people around you. Beginners are prone to run into others, or ride so unpredictably that they are hard to avoid. It helps to be able to hear them screaming.

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