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DJ Midi Controller or CDJ?

Hi, Im looking for a dj midi controller, that is large.. and cheap!
i currently have serato rane sound card.. and turntables and a mixer, i would really like to have some cdj's or something digital like the controller?

so basically, I really need the cheapest cdj or midi controller (Has to be larger though)
Whats the cheapest cdj around? and the cheapest midi controller?
thanks in advance

nearly all the midi dj controllers are compromised-
the best (imo) is the numark ns6/ 4trak followed by the kontrol s2/ s4
the rest of them are toy like or have crap sound quality. the platters are good only on the numark ns6 or the 4trak.
the numark could be picked up for £550 ish, the kontrol about the same.
the other digital dj controllers i would avoid unless you are playing to an audience of one. after having the rane sound card the rest will have a far less satisfying sound and playing with most of them will feel toy like in comparison to using turntables. avoid the vestax, stanton, ion, gemini and low end numark and pioneer controllers. total waste of money.
i am no pioneer fanboy, but i think the soon to be released pioneer ddj sx will become a benchmark in digital djing and has a great sound card.
if you want to step into the world of digital djing, buying one of the lesser units will put you off it rather than encourage you
in my opinion, the cdjs are on the way out- i dont think they will update them again. digital controllers are the future and cds will be viewed as an old fashioned way of carrying media in the digital age.
i am not saying they are no good in this day and age and given that cdjs have been industry standard for so long, they will be around for years to come but the new wave of digital controllers will overtake them, same as cdjs overtook sl 1200s. pioneer make cdjs but also make the latest and greatest digital controller (ddj sx) so what would that suggest?
im sorry that I'm not actually answering "cheapest" but had to put my oar in...

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