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Need help setting up a dj equipment.?

I just bought an amplifier and a Speaker on amazon.
here are the speakers:
and here is the amp:

my question is are they compatible? I am trying to add more bass and would like to know how to do that? what kind of subwoofer do i need to buy the the stuff i have?

Maybe you should have asked your questions before you ordered your stuff.

Compatible...well, will make noise. However, you're really going to be under powering your speakers. The speakers are rated at 800 watts RMS. However, you're amp is only going to be putting out a max of 200 watts.

The amount of power an amp can deliver is dependent on the impedance of the load you put on it. If you read the specs on that amp, at 8 ohms per channel (which is what the speakers you bought are), it's only going to give up 200 watts.

And honestly, that's going to be a crappy 200 watts at best. In the pro-audio circles, we have a running joke that Pyle is short for "Pyle of $#!+". I've seen more of those amps on a repair bench than actually working.

Buyer beware.

And as far as adding more bass, you didn't give a budget. I wouldn't put any more money into what you have.

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