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What are good bass amps for cheap prices?

i'm currently playing with a really tiny amp which was ok, but my band has our first gig coming up soon. both my guitarists already have new amps. they suggested i get an amps at least 300w. i need to know a good quality bass amps that is 300w but wont cost me everything i own. (sorry if this is in the wrong category)

your best bet is get a used head and cab that way you can upgrade one or the other for a head I suggest and older Peavey mark series they run between 100 and 400 watts and usually go for about 200 bucks and you can get a 4x10 cab on ebay for about 200 including shipping check this out

I have bought a couple cabs from them the speakers work good and the cabs are well built so you can upgrade the speakers easily
you could also get this cheap if you act fast

this combo will give you enough power for a decent size venue good luck

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