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Im reading L change the world, and it makes no sense...?

********WARNING! Topic may contain spoilers*******

anyways, i just bought this book, and after reading about 20 pages (L18 in header) i am so lost. it says light is dead, but L is still alive?! L died before light correct? please do not give any info away after that chapter.

if i will find out later in the book, tell me that.
if theres something im missing that i should of known before reading, tell me that.

This book is really random...please just clarify things thats all.

I assure you that L Change the WorLd is a fantastic story if you understand what's going on.
The book follows an alternate plot line to the anime and manga, used in the first & second Death Note live action movies.
It follows the same story line as Death Note up until Light offers himself to go into confinement with Misa, giving up ownership of the Death Note. Instead of giving it to that ugly CEO guy, he gives it to Kiyomi Takada. In the original story, she know about it until after L's death, and this is where the story changes. After a while (I won't give the complex explanation), Light kills off Kiyomi in much of the same way he killed off the CEO in the original story. In this version, Light only wrote one new rule, that someone must continue to write a name in the death note every 13 days, or that person will die. Rem dies to prolong Misa's life span, burning her death note with her so that Light will not get it.
The task force leaves headquarters to test the death note once they have it (the one Takada had), and Misa arrives with her death note. L dies(supposedly), seeing that Light was Kira. But it was revealed that Misa's death note was replaced with a fake to prove that Light was Kira. L re-emerges, but Soichiro (Light's dad) refuses to believe that his son is Kira. To prove it, L writes his own name in the death note so he will die in 28 days. The contents of L: Change the WorLd takes place during those 28 days. I hope that clears things up, and if you want a more thorough explanation, read on the included source.

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