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what should i do as DJ...?

i been djing for about a yr now and am gettin to that point were i need to go all in or choose another profesion...

heres the deal i got cd dj equipment but it is only good to do like house parties (generic music) and other small things...

and i want to do vinyl and get payed for the way i play not be payed for what they want played.... (by the way my dad bought it for me to get started so it has sentimental value)

please enlighten me with advice :)

I DJ also, thus the name Mixx.
I own over 700 hundred albums (12 inches) and found out that nothing can replace vinyl ever. But, i also own 350 CD singles.
I am in the middle of taking all of my vinyl and burning them onto my 200GB hard drive and putting them into MP3 format so i can have the best of both worlds!
I use BPM on my laptop making it too easy to mix music, edit, and convert to WAVE. I love it. Try burning some of your vinyl to MP3 format to get the feel first. If all fails, trade your stuff in for a set of Technics MK5 1210 (Black) They cost around $650.00 each. Keep your head-up, remember, Music makes the world go around!!!

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