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What kind of fishing line should I get?

I will be hooked up with a 7 foot spinning rod, and spinning reel. I will be fishing for walleye, pike. Should I get braided power pro line?

For MANY years most common and professional fishermen through out the upper midwest have been MORE than content using nothing more than a good brand of mono-filament like Berkley Triline in 8 or 10 pound test for these fish. In ALL of that time, the fish have NEVER complained even once. My theory is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" You "might" want to add a steel leader for sharp-toothed northern pike, but most fishermen do NOT add the leader when fishing for walleye. (If you've caught either, you know the type of teeth to be found in these fish are completely different from each other.) Here in Alaska, I fish for trophy trout and northern pike, as well as five kinds of Pacific salmon. I use mono on ALL my reels, including the deep sea stuff we use for halibut and rock fish. To put it plain and simple...."IT WORKS!!!!" And if it ain't broke..... Well, you know what I mean. Right? Good luck.

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