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is there evidence of a strong connection between C02 emissions and global warming?

please be as specific as you can and give examples..thank you:]

Not really.
This global warming stuff is going to turn out to be the biggest hoax ever.
They're already starting to find evidence of GLOBAL COOLING!!!!
I'm not kidding.
Here are some facts that should interest you:

1. There is global warming going on ON ALL THE PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM!! Hmmm, I wonder what's causing that? Humans, or could it be this giant ball we call the sun?

2. There is no such thing as NOT climate change! The temperature of the earth has always warmed, cooled, warmed cooled. There's no such thing as the "normal" temperature of the earth.
It's completely human-egocentric to even think there could be such a thing.

3. There are some websites that show the photos a scientist took, who went around to a bunch of the sensors they use to measure the "official" temperatures that they then compile into the data to say global warming is happening.
I've seen the photos - these sensors are right next to air conditioner outlets on buildings (which blow out heat), on asphalt parking lots (damn hot also!), and one of them was even right next to a trash burn barrel!
The point is, you can't trust the data at all. It's absurd.

4. By far, (like over 90%) the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is WATER VAPOR!!!
That's right kids, I guess we need to get rid of all this water to stop global warming huh?

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