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Help installing equalizer to car amp......?

I have a Power Acoustik class d monoblock amp hooked up to 2 12" CVR's 2 ohms. I recently bought an indash screen for my car but the settings suck, doesn't have much audio settings compared to a name brand just your usual balance, tremble, bass and bass boost on/off for the subs. I went to a pawn shop and bought a basic Optimus 7 band stereo graphic equalizer with sub out as well. The back has 4 rca pairs marked line input, rear, front and subs. I currenty don't have my computer working so I can't do much research through my phone. Can anyone explain how to properly connect the rca's from my indash and amp to my eq. I would go to a audio store to ask but tropical storm Hermes is passing by so I don't wanna leave my house. Sorry about not being too detailed but I'm writing this through my phone.

Take the FRONT RCA's from your in-dash screen and connect them to the EQ's LINE INPUT.
Connect the FRONT out to your front speaker amplifier.
Connect the REAR out to your rear speaker amplifier.
Connect the SUB out to your sub.

If you dont have an amp for your front & rears, you'll need to fit one to be able to use the EQ for those speakers.

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