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Why does my speakers make a loud POP when power is turned off?

I have a karaoke system setup with amp, mixer and jbl speakers. I have it all connected to a circuit breaker and i feel lazy about shutting it all off individuallly so i just shut off the breaker.... However, when i do this without shutting down the amp, speakers make a really loud pop, almost like a gun going off. If i power off the amp and shut down the breaker its fine.... Why is this happening and is there a way to fix this?
wow, thanks for the detailed info Ken C. I guess ill just stop being lazy.. thanks again!

The way you're turning your system off is hard on the speakers. One of these days you're going to turn on your system and find that you've damaged a woofer.

What you're hearing the the filter caps in the mixer quickly discharging when you turn off the power. As that happens, the amplifier circuits in the board will get into a state where they "rail". This means that their output jumps to a voltage almost equal to one of their supply voltages (the one that didn't discharge first). Probably more info than you wanted to know.

Amplifiers have a lot more power supply filtering, so they stay on a fraction of a second longer than the mixer. So...they amplify the event in the mixer and BOOM...you hear it the speakers.

The way you fix this is that you quit being lazy and turn your system on and off in the proper order.

When you turn your system on, you should start at the source and then work to the amp. In other words, turn on your CD players and computers first, then the mixer, and the power amp last.

When you get ready to turn the system off, go in reverse. The power amp gets shut off first, then the mixer, and finally any support gear.

If that's too much for you, then I would suggest you getting a sequenced power strip. It will actually turn your system on and off in the proper order. Carvin makes a pretty good one that's reasonably priced:


Greetings from Austin, Tx

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