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Electric Silent Violin Fortissimo: Help Please?

Just a couple of quick questions.

is the Electric Silent Violin actually silent?
I've read 2 reviews and both have said that even switched off the sound it emits is way above their TVs.

Also, it says it comes with a built in battery.
How do i charge it up?
it doesn't mention a charger or what type of battery it is.

will give best answer.

Well just like any stringed instrument you can expect a little sound even if it isn't plugged into an amp but it won't be incredibly noisy unless you're giving hell to the strings but even in that case it won't be too disturbing lol.

As for the power supply, if you'd take a look at this link -- -- it should give you some idea as to what you're looking for and whether you'll be getting a good deal or not. the website is quite reliable and reputable so if you're planning on getting one take a look around the website.


Now as for the stuck-up person with the first reply.. YOU ARE A TW@T. don't you think in answering someone who's asking for help you should be a little more courteous and a little nicer than the way you spoke to this person rather than treating him/her like an idiot? people learn by asking. you must not have too many fans the way you speak to people.. what makes you think you have the right to treat people as a retard?

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