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Qualitative Analysis of Ions?

the ions A-, B-, and C- all form colorless aqueous solutions. The molecular counterparts, however, form brilliantly colored solutions, where A2 is green, B2 is blue, and C2 is red.
when mixing C- and A- with solution B2 the results were:
i) B2 + 2C- > red solution (B2 oxidized C- to C2)
ii) B2 + 2A- > blue solution (B2 does not oxidize A- to A2)

a. rank A2, B2, and C2 in order of increasing oxidizing strength
b. would the following reaction occur? A2 + 2C- > C2 + 2A-
explain why b would occur please:)

A oxidizes B, which oxidizes C.

Yes, it would occur.

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